CUSTOMERS ARE ASKING... When will The Little Green Van be popping up again? And my honest answer at the moment is, I'm really not sure. Technically I can operate because the majority of my products - food and household items - are essential, but I'm also aware people, including me, are wary of going out, especially whilst the virus is still very much on the rise... BUT I can announce the launch of


The Little Green Van's new online shop!


Making it easier for you to order from home - you can now see and read all about each product - and then I can deliver them direct to your door. 

Click here to find out how to use the shop and make your first order.



NEW IN STOCK... Beeswax wraps! And not just any beeswax wraps, local beeswax wraps! Made by Anna at The Eternal Maker, who has thousands of beautiful fabrics to choose from, and wax from 'my' honey producer Lovedean Honey. I am very pleased with them. Available in 35cm sq and 50cm sq - they're in the shop now.

A NEW LOCATION! Just before Christmas The Little Green Van popped up in Stroud, near Petersfield (just off the A272) as a fore-runner to doing so on a fortnightly basis in 2021...The rise of the virus means everything's on hold for the moment but once things are looking better we will return! 

YAY!! The Little Green Van now stocks SESI products!!  I wanted to use them from Day One but lockdown and other issues conspired against it - but now I have their washing up liquid, laundry liquid, body wash, hand and body lotion, rinse aid (hard water formula) and via them, Cotswold Gold rapeseed oil... I'm thrilled about this - why??

SESI are super ethical - they're (an amazing) family based, social enterprise based in Oxford - they started in 2006 from their shed - now SESI, stockists and customers are refilling about 1 MILLION bottles a year with SESI detergents!rgent!!!

Their products are excellent quality, vegan, cruelty free,  biodegradable - and gentle.

And what I love most of all... they take all their containers back, wash them and reuse them! Not ground up, not sent to to the Far East for recycling, not land-filled: just washed and reused.  SESI are currently unique for doing this (don't worry, all the BioD containers I have used have all gone off to new, useful lives, but boy, it's great to not have to worry about that anymore).

To read all about SESI have a look at their website 

PLUS...SESI work with Cole & Co, a Welsh company who make lovely toiletries with great care - no animal testing, essential oils, no superfluous ingredients - so I have some of their products in stock too now.


COVID PRECAUTIONS (when we're popping up again)...

You don't need to wear a mask* when you shop with The Little Green Van, but of course Covid-19 safety measures are in place -

  • payment via contactless card payments or exact change
  • no touching of products (but sniffing can be arranged ;-) !)
  • 2 metre social distancing will be observed

 *subject to change