Four good reasons to buy from the Little Green Van...

  • No single use plastic
  • Affordable – you only buy the amount you need
  • Cuts food waste – great for the environment
  • We come to you – saving you time, money and fuel


A bit about why plastic free shopping is the way forward...

Turn the telly on, look at a newspaper headline or go on Facebook and you'll see scary stories about single use plastic - this sums it up;


"We are producing over 300 million tons of plastic every year, 50% of which is for single-use purposes – utilized for just a few moments, but on the planet for at least several hundred years. More than 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans every year."



Our 'land-based' wildlife, streets, towns and countryside are also choking on plastic - new evidence even suggests we're inhaling tiny, tiny particles of plastic in the air that we breathe

With very few exceptions, we don't even need single use plastics (half of all the plastic being made) -  we got by just fine without them in the past and we'll all be much better off without them in the future.


Yes but we can just recycle the plastic, right?

Recycling plastic isn't the answer - if you're one of the relative few that has access to the UK's limited plastic recycling schemes do you ever wonder how much actually gets recycled? The 'wrong plastics' contaminating the 'right plastics', lack of facilities and the value of plastic dropping mean a lot of plastics don't get recycled. Less than 10% of all the plastic ever made has been recycled. 'Traditionally' more developed countries have sold (or should that be dumped) their plastic to developing countries where it is recycled - though a lot of it escapes the processing system and ends up polluting land and waterways. Much of it can't be recycled for various reasons and sits, slowly disintegrating, blown by the wind.

But those countries, understandably, are fed up with being used as bins and have said they won't take our waste anymore, we'll have to deal with it ourselves.

So for me, and I'm sure you, we have to look at viable, affordable alternatives that do away with the need for single use plastics altogether. Which is where the Little Green Van comes in.

Who is the Little Green Van for?

We want everyone to have access to shopping without plastic - people in rural villages, people who can't easily get into town, people who don't use the internet, people who want to support local, small business (and by that I don't just mean me, I also mean the many small and micro size businesses I buy from, many of whom are in Hampshire and surrounding counties) - and not the multi-nationals who have started to dabble with plastic free options because they recognise the sales potential (whilst still also producing their 'normal' products with all the same plastic as before!).


A bit about me...

I, Rosie have been involved with local and sustainable food for about 20 years. I started out organising farmers’ markets in Surrey where I learnt a lot about food and farming (I had been to agricultural college in Devon too, but I think I learnt more about cider there...).

I worked for a number of charities focusing on projects that made access to good (healthy, sustainable, seasonal)food easier, particularly the vulnerable – young people and people in care and hospitals.  I also worked for a number of animal welfare charities, helping the public sector and national catering businesses procure animal products that had been reared according to higher welfare standards. 

I spent a few years retailing ethically made products and then worked as part of a city based worker cooperative selling wholefoods and plastic free products – that’s when I realised I  wanted to make sure everyone had the opportunity to buy products minus all the plastic – after all, not everyone can get into a town or city on a regular basis – so The Little Green Van was born!

...Maybe I should add; I don't think stopping using single use plastic alone is going to save the world - there are lots of things we need to (not) do for that to happen - but we can't stay as we are, and if there's something I can usefully do to help, I will. And I hope you will too.


A bit about Dobbie aka The Little Green Van

Dobbie* may look quite little but inside are shelves with over 190 products. You may notice that Dobbie is er, white but most definitely green on the inside! Dobbie's dearest wish is to be reincarnated as an electric vehicle - we're working on that one...


* chosen because it sounds better than 'the Fiat Doblo'!