Your chance to buy plastic free organic foods, eco toiletries, eco household products and eco swaps in the great outdoors!



Thank you for coming to have a look at the Little Green Van's website - here you can learn about what, why, where and how we sell all sorts of products for you and your home, all without plastic.  What's more, all our household and toiletry products are ethical and 'eco' - they don't contain nasty chemicals like SLS and parabens and the vast majority of the wholefoods are organic. Most of the products come from the EU or UK - I always look for suppliers who can assure me the workers are treated well and won't buy from them if they can't provide assurances.

We aim to be affordable - meaning our prices are often on a par with or cheaper than supermarkets non organic, non eco, non local versions.

The Little Green Van pops up at locations across east Hampshire, West Sussex and the west of Surrey (and we also do home deliveries and go to work locations).

Maybe you’ve seen shops or vans selling plastic free refills before – maybe you haven’t – I’ll explain how it works. It’s easy;


- You bring along your (empty, very clean) container/s (see the FAQ page to see what's suitable - but the short answer is anything clean with a lid!).

Forgotten to bring them? Don't worry, I can; sell you a reusable one; sell you a 5p paper bag; loan you a container, give you a clean jam jar.

- I’ll weigh your containers when they’re empty – then you won’t get charged for the weight of them.

- You choose what you’d like and I’ll weigh out the exact amount you want – be it 50 grams, 5 kilos or anything in-between!

- Pay for the amount you’ve purchased.

- Go home and proudly show all your friends your fabulous plastic free purchases!




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