Hooray! The Little Green Van is back, every Wednesday at The Berkeley Arms in Bosham between 2-5pm.

A chance to buy plastic free foods, eco-toiletries and household products in the great outdoors!

Of course Covid-19 safety measures will be in place -

  • payment via contactless card payments or exact change
  • no touching of products (but sniffing can be arranged ;-) !)
  • 2 metre social distancing will be observed

NEW PRODUCTS: During lockdown we've added many new products - have a look at the products page.

MORE LOCATIONS: In the next week few weeks we should be popping up at other locations in Hampshire and West Sussex - check back here or on Facebook : @rosiesgreenvan) / Instagram: the_little_green_van

HOME DELIVERIES: are still very much continuing though...

If you would like a home delivery please click here to read more about how that works and then email your list to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or call 07572 402460.

Please be assured all appropriate hygiene measures are in place.

I am continuing to use brown paper bags for food products but customers are welcome to provide their own containers for liquids (provided they are squeaky clean please!).





Thank you for coming to have a look at the Little Green Van's website - here you can learn about what, why, where and how we sell all sorts of products for you and your home, all without plastic.  What's more, all our household and toiletry products are ethical and 'eco' - they don't contain nasty chemicals like SLS and parabens and the vast majority of the wholefoods are organic.

We aim to be affordable - meaning our prices are often on a par with or cheaper than supermarkets non organic, non eco, non local versions.


Please note most of the following doesn't currently apply - please see above / the home deliveries page. I've left this info up so you can read what would normally be happening - for when we all get back to normal!..


The Little Green Van will be at locations across east Hampshire, West Sussex and the west of Surrey (and we can also do home deliveries and go to work locations).

 Maybe you’ve seen shops or vans selling plastic free refills before – maybe you haven’t – I’ll explain how it works. It’s easy;


- You bring along your (empty, clean) container/s (see the FAQ page to see what's suitable - but the short answer is anything clean with a lid!).

Forgotten to bring them? Worry not, I can; sell you a reusable one; sell you a 5p paper bag; loan you a container.

- I’ll weigh your containers when they’re empty – then you won’t get charged for the weight of them.

- You choose what you’d like and I’ll weigh out the exact amount you want – be it 5 grams, 5 kilos or anything in-between!

- Pay for the amount you’ve purchased.

- Go home and proudly show all your friends your fabulous plastic free purchases!




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